Gladiator Lt800 Tactical Flash Light with Case

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Gladiator Tactical Flashlight Specs

  1. Flexible zoom capability from X800 up to as much as x2,000
  2. Its body/case is made of military grade aluminum to ensure that its light and tough as well
  3. Thanks to the material, it is a long-lasting flashlight
  4. You can use it in all kinds of weather such as storms and heavy rains
  5. Packed with 3 pre-set lighting modes: SOS, Strobe, , High
  6. It uses a remarkably energy-saving XPE LED lighting lamp that can serve up to 100,000 hours of lighting
  7. Has a crenelated bezel which can be used as a tactical self-defense tool
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Do you feel like you are stuck using your unusually dull flashlight? If you feel that way, perhaps it’s because you have tried using so many other options but nothing seems to work. It becomes rather frustrating especially when there’s a blackout, your lighting tool is almost useless. What if you could find something that could change all that? Well, Gladiator Tactical Flashlight is the latest innovation in portable lighting that will blow your mind.