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Roberts Radio ORTUS2BK DAB+/DAB/FM Alarm Clock

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  • 2 alarm timers – wake up to DAB, FM or buzzer. Plus, you can change the alarm duration to 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes to suit you
  • Built-in DAB/DAB+/FM – listen to the radio on the Ortus 2, which boasts 20 station presets so you can access your favourite stations with 3 easy access preset buttons
  • Hit the snooze button…the any-button snooze means that you can reach out and touch any button to snooze your alarm – no more fumbling to find the right button!
  • Charge your smartphone – with the USB socket you can charge your smartphone, tablet or other similar devices by simply plugging them in to the Ortus 2
  • Bedtime listening – the audio fades down as you reach the end of the sleep timer you’ve set, so it doesn’t interrupt you when you’re drifting off…
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Roberts Radio ORTUS2BK DAB+/DAB/FM Alarm Clock Radio with USB Smartphone Charging