3 Phase Installations

Three-Phase Installations

What is a 3 Phase Circuit?


In the UK, all electrical power is transmitted as an Alternating Current (AC). This is because AC power can be transformed from the high voltages generated at power stations to lower voltages for consumer use.

Alternating Currents work in a wave form to supply an average of 230v, alternating between a negative and positive voltage, which then powers our appliances. This is normally supplied in a single phase, or live, usually brown in electrical circuits.


However this is not always enough, as some appliances requiring more power are susceptible to the drops in voltage. To give a more constant stream of power, 3 phases can be used. Each "live" makes up for the drops in voltages from the other ones, maintaining a more constant voltage. This can be seen in the graph below.




Do I need 3-Phase Installing?


Most heavy duty industrial equipment requires 3-phase to run. If you are looking to buy industrial equipment, it is worth checking the power requirements, as you may need to install a three-phase circuit.


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