Fire and Security

Commercial Fire and Security


Business Fire and Security protection is very important. It is reported  that between 70 – 80% of businesses do not reopen after a major disaster such as a fire. Blackwell and Denton Ltd  has all aspects of business fire and security covered, we supply and install fire alarms from Emergi-Lite, Gent & Menvier to British Standards and we can create a tailor-made security system to suit your business premises.



Fire Alarms for Businesses


Non-compliance of Fire regulations can incur hefty fines for businesses, so it is important that you have the right facilities in place and to the right standards. Our Health and Safety-trained engineers will work alongside fire officials to make sure you are compliant to the current regulations. Working with our dedicated partners, we can tailor a system around your needs and budget and offer protection systems that cover every application. Because of this effective and high quality service, we can provide a single contact to solve all your fire security needs – now and in the future.

We can ensure that your investment in Fire Protection for your business is cost effective, and will go on delivering returns in peace of mind and protection for years to come.
Whether you need consultation and advice on fire protection at the design stage, or effective ways to upgrade an existing system, we will put our expertise at your disposal.
We can provide the skills and resources you need. From system design, through to supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance our team will work with you to ensure a safer workplace.

Fire Doors


Fire Doors are an essential part of fire safety for your business, and as such nothing but the best will do. At Blackwell and Denton, our highly trained joinery team can come to your site to advise and fit certified fire doors at a time convenient to you.



Emergency Lighting


The main reason for installing an emergency lighting system is to enable the building to meet fire safety legislation in a way that is visually acceptable and meets the user’s needs for ease of operation and maintenance. Consequently it is important to establish all the relevant legal requirements for emergency lighting and fire alarm systems before commencing the design these should ideally be agreed between the system designer, user, fire authority, building control officer and system installer. We are able to design, install, commission and maintain these systems.

Emergency lighting is one of the essential life safety systems that an owner or occupant of premises that is a place of work is required to provide by law. The system should, if correctly designed, installed and maintained, reduce the possibility of an accident or loss of life in the event of an electrical power loss.



Security Systems and Alarms


Blackwell and Denton supply and fit Security alarms for all types of businesses: warehouses, offices, hotels, restaurants and other business premises.

As each business and premise is different we will design a security system that is appropriate to your building, location, business and budget. One of our alarm specialists will visit your business premises to discuss your needs and recommend the system and services best suited to yourself.

We will design and install your security alarm to the highest of standards and maintain it as required on a on going basis to make sure you are constantly protected.

The options are:

Up to 8 zones programmable for security, 2 zones for fire
PA & tamper inputs.
Up to 4 Accenta RKP’s per system.
Output for external siren and strobe.
4 programmable access codes: user 1, user 2, engineer and duress.
3 fully selectable part set programs.
Chime on any security zone.
250 event memory.
5 programmable outputs for digital communicator.
Programmable timers including bell cut-off.

CCTV Systems


Security Cameras or CCTV is a great deterrent for criminals, but also serves as a tool to help when criminal damage or break in occurs. At Blackwell and Denton, we can install cameras to effectively cover any area, inside or out, and provide units to record and hold the video footage captured.

Our experienced team will come to your premises to discuss what is most suitable for you, and then install them at a time convenient to you.



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