Privacy and Communications Policy

Blackwell and Denton FM Ltd Privacy and Communications Policy

New UK rules about use of your personal information come in to force on May 25th, called GDPR. These laws have been put in place to make it easier for you, the consumer, to manage how companies use your Personal Data.

Here at Blackwell and Denton, we want to be transparent about the use of your data and make it as easy as possible for you to manage it. This page explains why we request your data, how we use and store it, and who else sees it. To see full information on this legislation click here.

Why we ask for your Personal Information

Your Name

We ask for your full name so we can identify you and differentiate you from our other customers. You are not just a number or a sale to us, we care about how you and how you feel about our products and services.


Your Address

We ask for your address so we can arrange deliveries of our products or to arrange for an engineer to visit. Even if we do not need your address for the service you are requesting (e.g. Click and Collect), it is handy for us to have for next time, and makes ordering in the future easier and quicker for you. We may also use your address information to send paper correspondence should the need arise.


Your Email Address

We ask for your email address to send you digital correspondence, such as order confirmations and communications. We may also use your email address to send promotions and offers if you choose to do so.


Your Telephone Number

We ask for your telephone number so that we can contact you. This may be to resolve an issue with an order, to confirm a delivery date, or something similar.


Your Mobile Number

We ask for your mobile number to be more flexible in how we contact you. Some of our customers prefer communications through text message or Whatsapp, and some of our suppliers may give notifications on delivery times over text message.

How We Keep Your Data Safe


Personal information that you give us over the internet is stored in a secure database. Only those in the business with log ins for the ordering system are able to look at your data, and this will only be done in accordance with the GDPR rules and guidelines as well as company guidelines.

Our website is securely protected from outside intrusion, and only those within the company with administrator privileges can access your personal information, and only with appropriate reason for doing so (such as fulfilling a web order). Our website is stored on a secure server guaranteed by our web hosts.

No other web users can access your data.



Personal Information you give us in store is secured on our computers. These computers are password protected and need an access code every time your data is accessed, which shows us who accessed your data and when. Our computers have malware protection software installed to ensure your data is not stolen, and we are equipped with high grade firewall systems through our ISP.

Any data you give us is not seen by the general public, and any documents that may have your personal data printed on (such as delivery notes for products you are having delivered) are only ever kept in non public areas.

Third Party Data Use

For some of the services we offer we may have to share some or all of your personal data with a third party company. The purpose of this is to fulfill purchase orders or requested services, or to resolve an issue directly with an appliance manufacturer.

E.g. If you buy a Miele appliance through our web store, we need to give your personal details to Miele to arrange delivery.

We do not sell your data to other companies, nor do we share information with the aim of them sending you unsolicited sales information. However, a third party may want to contact you with information related to your purchase or query.

E.g. You may receive warranty information from the manufacturer if you ask us to register your product on your behalf.

Third Parties are held to the same GDPR Laws and are themselves responsible for how they use and store your data.

Your Right to Access,  to be Forgotten, and Data Portability

Under GDPR law, you have a right to access your data that we have, request confirmation of whether your data is being used and how, and request a copy of all your personal information that we may hold.

To do this, please contact us directly by emailing [email protected]  with the subject header of Personal Information Request.

Under GDPR law you also have a right to be forgotten, which means the right to withdraw the consent for us using your personal data, and the right to request to have all or part of the personal data we hold to be removed.

To do this, please contact us directly by emailing [email protected] with the subject header of Personal Information Removal.

Breach Notification

Under the new GDPR laws, we as a storer of your data, are required to inform you of any data breach that "is likely to result in a risk for the rights and freedoms of individuals." We are required to inform you of such a breach within 72 hours of first becoming aware of the breach. We take all reasonable measures to avoid this happening, and will tell you exactly how it happened and what data has been affected.

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