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Zanussi Cooker Fan Oven Element 3 Turn 2500W

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Zanussi Cooker Fan Oven Element 3 Turn 2500W ELE6336



Zanussi Fan Oven Element 3 Turn 2500W

Although markedly cheaper that the genuine this element is exactly the same and probably produced in the same factory, it just doesn’t have the manufacturer’s part number on it, making it cheap. It is not however one of the cheap clones we’ve seen from the Far East which are of a much poorer quality, but cheaper still.

If you are unsure if this heating element is suitable for your oven or cooker please contact us and we will happily assist you.

2500W – 2 turn

Height = 253mm
Width = 189mm
Bracket = 100mm
Tags = 23mm apart

Also most Flavel (Leisure) 110 range cookers

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